The_GodboldsOUR PASTOR:

Adam Godbold met his wife, Lindsey (of Hartselle, Alabama), years ago at church camp.  They have now been married for twelve years & have six children (Imogene Ruth, 10-yo; Aidan Peter, 9-yo; Emery Silas, 7-yo; Ransom Jonathan, 5-y0; Topher Nathanael, 3-yo [not pictured]); Peregrin Thaddeus, 1-yo [not pictured]).

Adam was raised in Pearl, Mississippi, & attended Wesley College in Florence, Mississippi, where he served in student government throughout his college experience, particularly as Student Body President for two years.  After graduating as Valedictorian of his class (with honors), he then moved to Marietta to serve as the youth pastor of FMC in addition to teaching middle & high school language arts at Praise Academy in Powder Springs.

After working with the youth for two years, he & Lindsey saw the need for him to continue his educational preparation. They moved back to Mississippi, where he attended Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson for three years.  During one of these years, Adam also served as the youth director at Marvin United Methodist Church in Florence, & for two of them, he served as the pastor of Salem Independent Methodist Church in Ackerman.

With only a hand-full of classes remaining to acquire his M.Div. from WBS, Adam was called to return to FMC to replant the church 10 miles west of where it had previously been.  For a couple of years, he was doing such bivocationally while also teaching 5th grade at Praise Academy; however, he is now serving in a full-time capacity as pastor of FMC & graduated from WBS (with academic distinction) in April of 2012.

Adam, an ordained Elder with the Association of Independent Methodists (AIM), teaches courses in Christian theology, Biblical studies, & pastoral ministry as an Adjunct Faculty member for Ohio Christian University at their campus in Morrow, Georgia. He is an avid reader, his greatest interests being in the realms of theology, literature, & history.  His favorite author is C. S. Lewis, who he quotes or references nearly every week. He currently serves as the Chairman of Pastor-Parish Relations for AIM & is the Director of the annual AIM Southeast Youth Camp.

While his oldest son played for different little league baseball teams through Southwest Baseball Association (SWBA) at Clarkdale Park in Austell, Adam coached several of these teams. He enjoys watching sports & consuming ––what he considers to be–– good music & good coffee.

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The people & families of FMC stand upon the Scriptural call to...

     relational community

We are a church home where real relationships with others are built, families are honored, & people of all ages are treated with dignity & value, being gladly welcomed into the life & nurture of the Body of Christ.

     transformational discipleship

We are a church home that helps its people become better, more faithful disciples of Jesus, in which their value as whole persons --body & soul, heart & mind-- is recognized & cherished as they follow Him out into His world.

     personal mission

We are a church home which encourages its people make a difference in their community & in the lives of others, empowering them with a variety of opportunities to give the world greater deposits of truth, goodness, & beauty.


Our people & families envision FMC becoming...


We recognize & appreciate that true community spans --in its very nature-- the whole spectrum of generations.  No particular age group, in & of itself, can capture the full sense of community, & neither can it, therefore, reap the full benefits of community. 


We recognize & appreciate that no church, simply by its mere existence, is advantageous to its community.  With that reality in mind, we intend to take very literally the scriptural call to be the Body of Christ in the created world, particularly through active involvement & personal investment in our community.


We recognize & appreciate that, in the nature of God's creative plan, any healthy organism will naturally grow & develop over time.  Subsequently, we understand that as a vibrant & growing, local expression of the Body of Christ, FMC will be called to replicate itself into the lives of other vibrant & growing, local expressions of the same Body.  That being said, we envision ourselves not merely accumulating a large roster but, rather, pouring ourselves back out into more new churches throughout the corners of our community.


Faith Methodist Church worships the eternally triune God --Father, Son, & Spirit-- who is made known in the inspired Holy Scriptures, His self-revealing, reliably-written Word to mankind.

Furthermore, we recognize & affirm the Articles of Religion of historic Methodism, sharing the orthodox, catholic faith of the Early Church expressed plainly in the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene-Constatinopolitan Creed, & the Chalcedonian Definition.

As Wesleyan Methodists, we believe that a person's greatest calling is to know love, & reflect the triune God, in whose image we have been created.  The Father's desire is that His children would be holy, sharing His character.  What's more: the Holy Spirit is able --in cooperation with our faith-- to apply the redeeming work of Christ to our hearts in such a transformative way that our lives can be lived in self-giving, other-oriented love.  This message is commonly known as 'holiness of heart & life', & we understand it to be the biblical promise of hope, joy, & peace.


"Faithful is He who calls you & who will also do it."

 I Thessalonians 5:24