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The Conundrum of Choosing the “Right” Praise Songs...


I am often asked by folks in our fellowship to play certain songs that have deep meaning to them in particular. That’s great! I LOVE it when individuals are touched through a song, when a song brings them to a deep worship experience, or when music can set them free from something they are dealing with in their personal lives. The conundrum I also often find myself in is whether to play said songs to touch and/or refresh the one person when it does not reach or benefit the entirety of our fellowship or to refuse to play it and possibly hurt the feelings of the requester – tough choice... really tough.


I wanted to share a blog post from another worship leader that I came across quite a while back that struck a nerve with me and exposes some of the same thoughts that I have had when trying to choose “just the right” songs for a particular service. The “8 Questions Every Worship Leader Must Ask When Choosing Songs” blog post really stood out to me and has helped me when there are songs that I myself REALLY like but I know in my heart would not be proper for a worship setting for one reason or another. It has also been helpful (for me) in answering questions like the one posted at the beginning of this short conversation.


My hope is that this can shed some light on the process that I use to choose individual songs as well as overall set themes and tones to help our fellowship come into a powerful corporate worship experience on Sunday mornings.


Lewis Brookshire

Friday 8 November 2013



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