2. Advent 2017


"A Simple Guide to the HolyDays"SimpleGuideHolyDays square

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     An Introduction: God in Our Midst by clicking here.

     The Season of Advent by clicking here.

     A Word on the Symbolism of These HolyDays by clicking here.

     The First Sunday of Advent -- Expectation by clicking here.

     The Second Sunday of Advent -- Preparation by clicking here.

     The Third Sunday of Advent -- Celebration by clicking here.

     The Fourth Sunday of Advent -- Incarnation by clicking here.

     Christmas Eve (A Liturgy for Holy Communion) by clicking here.

     Christmas Day by clicking here.

     The Christmas Season by clicking here.

     Epiphany: For the World by clicking here.


Do you want to use our "Simple Guide"  for family devotions? Click here for some great activity ideas.


Other Advent Resources

Some more resources you might find helpful during these HolyDays include...

     Reset: Advent Devotions for the Whole Family by J. D. Walt

     "Personal Advent Devotion" (i.e., how to make your own) by Lindsey Godbold

     Not Yet Christmas: It's Time for Advent by J. D. Walt

     He Has Come: The Worldview of Advent by John Stonestreet & T. M. Moore

     God Is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

     And Jesus Will Be Born: A Collection of Christmas Poems, Stories and Reflections by Adrian Plass